Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Did He Stop Texting

If you have a guy who you are interested in and you have been texting back and forth and suddenly he stops texting, what is going on? Did you do something wrong? Did he meet someone else?  Why did he stop texting?

Texting is the top means of communication in the dating world now. Calling is fading fast. We live in a society of instant gratification and we are all so busy. Texting is the answer. It's a very simple and fast way to communicate with your love interests.

If you have been seeing or texting a guy and he all of a sudden stops, you are left wondering what is going on. It could be a number of things. The most likely explanation though is this. You just didn't have his interest level high enough. Guys are known for doing the slow fade. He could have met someone else, but chances are it's just his level of attraction.

One think you must not do when a guy stops texting you is to text him numerous times asking why. Judge a man by his action or lack of actions. You can measure a man's interest level by his actions. If he is texting you everyday, he is more than likely interested. If he only responds to your texts and doesn't initiate on his own, he isn't really interested.

What to text a man to turn him into a hopeless romantic!

So if he isn't really interested and you continue to initiate texts what do you think happens? You kill his attraction, that is what happens. This is one of the main reasons why guys stop texting. There is no challenge when the woman does all the initiating. Have you ever not really been all that interested in a guy and he kept texting and calling? Did it make you like him more? I doubt it. It made you roll your eyes when you phone rang.

If you are wondering why he stopped texting, more than likely, it could be a lost cause. A guy who is into a woman isn't going to leave her alone long. He won't turn into a guy who just stops texting. He fears someone else may come along and snatch her up. If he stopped texting, chances are he isn't worried about this with you.

Another thing that often happens with these guys that stop texting once you go silent on them is this. They resurface down the road to test the waters. They want to see if you are still on that back burner. Be prepared for this. This could be your chance to reignite his interests. It happens if you know the proper skills and techniques.

I am queen of the text message. I can bait and hook a guy with a text message in a heart beat. It's all about skill and technique and knowing what to say. I realized this when a skilled texter hooked me once, or should I say twice. I learned a lot from these guys and started researching on my own. I know how to stay one step ahead, and you can too. I can't remember the last time a guy just stopped me. What to text a man to turn him into a hopeless romantic!

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