Monday, June 27, 2011

He is Ignoring My Texts

I have had many women come to me with this problem.  They say he is ignoring my texts.  Now this can happen in different circumstances.  It could be after a spat or a break up.  If this is the case and you keep texting and he isn't answering, you have to stop texting him.  He will only see you as a love sick school girl if you keep it up.  If he isn't answering, let him be for a while, let him calm down.  If you keep texting him, he is probably scared to answer you at this point because he knows he will be drilled.

If you are just starting to date, in the first few weeks and he is ignoring your texts, well he hasn't made you a priority yet and I must ask why are you texting him in the first place.  If a man isn't texting you, you shouldn't be texting him, period.  It upsets the balance.  Guys instinctively like to chase and you texting him when he isn't texting you means he isn't chasing.

So if you find yourself saying he is ignoring my texts, I can already tell you what you are doing wrong.  If he is ignoring then he isn't texting.  If he isn't texting and you are, you are trying to control where the relationship is going.  Regardless of why you think he should text you, if he is ignoring your texts, he is ignoring you.

Men ignore us often when they aren't on the same page as we are in the relationship.  They don't want to actually tell you this, so they do avoidance instead.  Then when they do reply and you let them back in, you have just accepted him on his terms, not yours.  It will never really grow like this.  You have to have boundaries.

If he is ignoring your texts, you aren't a priority.  If you keep on texting, it shows him he is a priority.  Do you want to be his priority, while you are only his option.  Chances are good he is going to disappear pretty soon or sooner or later if he does this already.

If you are tired of men disappearing or ignoring you or your texts, stop it.  A great resource for this to turn things around it here.

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