Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Text a Guy and Keep Him on His Toes

It's not what you say as much as it is your techniques. For example if you are the one initiating most of the texting conversations, you are probably killing the attraction unknowingly. It tells the guy you are more into him than he is into you and it gives him the power to dominate the terms and pace of the relationship. Let him put in most of the effort, especially in the beginning. Guys like a challenge, so don't be over eager. Let him think he will have to put in some wok to get your attention. If he isn't willing, you don't want him anyway.

Men don't respond to words, so what you say does not carry as much weight as you may think. Guys have been tuning out our words forever, that is unless we say something to their penis, that is a different story. All of a sudden they are on full alert. Don't do this however. You don't want them replying to you for the wrong reason. You want them to be hooked before you go there. So when a guy texts you, don't be to anxious to reply. Wait a while. If you reply immediately every time you become predictable. Be there, but just out of reach. You can do this by varying the time it takes you to reply. He will never be able to predict if it will be 15 minutes or hours. When he does hear from you he will be relieved and this builds up anticipation which builds attraction. When learning the how to text a guy techniques, remember, anticipation is powerful.

If he tries to engage in a marathon texting event, don't go there. That is giving him too much too soon and will not keep him on his toes. One sure tip for cutting off a conversation is the old "lol". If he says something humorous, send the old "lol". It does not really warrant a reply and it can end the conversation. When texting a guy, leave him wanting more. Don't give it all to him at once. If you do participate in a marathon texting session, he tends to start thinking you don't have much of a life and he assumes you are really into him. Don't let him get too comfortable to fast. Marathon texting should only be done on occasion. Just give him a taste of what it would be like to have more of your attention. Marathon texting is not high on the list of how to text a guy.

Think about how it always seems that the one you don't really like texts you all the time while the guy you really like seems to not be so reliable. Why is this? Do you treat the one you don't like so much differently? I imagine you don't jump to reply to his messages and you don't find yourself constantly checking you phone. You certainly don't have your phone glued to your person waiting on his text. Could it be that is why he is so into you, because you treat him with a nonchalant, don't care attitude. To balance this out, text the guy you really like as if he was the one you didn't really like. It adds mystery and that to a guy is pretty appealing. Less is more when in doubt of how to text a guy.

I have a lot of guy friends. I have been out with them and girls are texting them constantly. They show each other the messages and usually don't speak to highly of the perpetual texter. Oh but when they send a text to a girl and she doesn't jump right away, I have seen how they constantly check their phones, sometimes even send a second text. That girl is keeping them on their toes for sure.

Learn how to use text messaging to keep your guy on his toes and into you. The majority of women are clueless how powerful this can be to heighten a guys attraction level. To Learn to master this skill and keep his head spinning click here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What You Must Know About Texting and Calling Guys

Face it, the telephone, mainly your cell phone plays a huge part in your dating experience. You wonder if and when he is going to call. What harm is done by calling or texting guys? He gave you his number so that means he wants you to call. Well he may not mind, but when you call a guy, you send out some pretty strong messages unknowingly.

First you tell him that you are more interested in him than he is in you. If he is interested, he will call, it just may not be in your time frame. A guys time frame is so different. If he thinks you are more interested, he will see you as no challenge. Guys want a challenge. Chances are you will become the girl on the back burner that he calls when he can't get the girl that is a challenge. So before you call or text a guy, what signal do you want to send?

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If you are worried that he may think you are not interested, you are spending way too much time stressing over this guy. Is he wondering the same thing about you. He should be the one calling you if he is. When the guy does the chasing, it feels so much better for you and for him. It makes him feel like he is the one winning you over. This is very powerful. Its best to let a guy call you, not you call or text a guy.

If a guy feels like he has put forth an effort to win you over, he will see you as the prize. If you are the one coming to him, you are no won prize, you are a free consolation. He did not even have to dig to the bottom of the cereal box to get you, you were just laying there on top. What happens to theprize in the cereal box? It gets tossed rather quickly.

Wait before you pick up that phone. Stop thinking of instant gratification and focus on long term satisfaction. Do you want the calls to continue or do you once again want to be asking "Why did he stop calling?"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Will He Text or Call? Top Things You Do That Stop Him

Ok so we have all been through it, many times I suspect. You meet this great guy, hit it off, he gets your number and never calls. Perhaps he does call and then one day just stops. What is going on here? Why does this happen? We pick it apart as women and try to figure out what we did wrong, was it something we said? Maybe, maybe not, regardless you still wonder will he call.

Men can pick up on our attitude. They know the women who are desperate for a call. They want a challenge as well and if we are desperate for that call, they just know and we become less attractive. Here are 5 things that you may be doing that keep him from calling and make you appear less desirable.

* You offer your phone number and ask him to call. Instant warning flag, he sees you as needy and will avoid you at all costs. Plus he did not have to work for you. Men value what they work hardest for.
* You ask him, "when are you going to call?". He sees you sitting by the phone waiting. Very unattractive to a man.
* You ask him "are you going to call?" Same scenario as above, he sees you waiting and available
* You tell him something like "Guys always get my number but never call". This is a big no no, he will be thinking, wow, no wonder they don't call her, she has is negative.
* He does call but its been days and you ask him "Why didn't you call?". He know then and there that this is a woman who is going to try to change him and may be high maintenance. He assumes the rest of the relationship will be drama filled.

So how do you take all of this drama out of the calling game and stop waiting by the phone. Its all in your attitude and how you approach dating in general. Its about dating without the drama. Not having to worry about if he will or will not call. A man loves busy women who have active lives and are not obsessing over if he calls or not. When a woman behaves like her world goes on with or without his attention, he is drawn.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rules For Texting Guys

The rules for texting guys and calling guys are the same. Less is more for the most part. It is really the guys role to do the initiating, and if you are texting him more than he is texting you, you have broken a huge rule. Men really do like a bit of a challenge and if you are Miss Texting Queen, you are not offering up much of a challenge. You are depriving him of his role and it causes an imbalance in the relationship.

If you text a guy and he does not respond, don't text him again. It sends of signals of desperation and you are making him a priority while he is only making you an option. We often think, oh maybe he did not get our message, well don't kid yourself, he probably did. He could be busy, timing could be wrong or he could just not be into you. If you will sit on your fingers for a few days, it usually pays off. Then the guy wonders, hmmm, where is she, I have not heard from her. This usually causes him to reach out to you.

When he does text you, one of the rules for texting guys is not to respond immediately. Wait a couple hours. Don't be so anxious. Easier said than done. It is the mysterious girl that gets the guys attention and by not jumping through hoops when he texts, you create this mystery.

Until you are in an established relationship, it is best to let him do the initiating. Even then, less is always more. If I were to sum up the rules for texting guys, it would be this, when texting guys, less is always more.

Text messaging is a huge tool that can be used to build attraction and get and keep a guys interest. It pays to learn to use this media to your advantage. Turn up the heat, light that spark.