Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Can I Text My Ex

If you are asking the question, what can I text my ex, chances are you have recently went through a break up.  You are wanting to make some sort of contact.  You probably want him back if you are searching for something to text him to make him want to respond.  Understand that if this is a recent break up, there isn't much you can text him at this point that want be seen as a blaring excuse.  He may likely see it as you grasping at straws.

If your breakup is fresh, your emotions are raw and about anything you do will be driven from these emotions.  We make bad decisions from this place and often end up pushing the man further away.

Timing is everything if you are thinking of texting your ex.  He really needs time to process it all before you go began to attempt to open the lines of communication back up.  I recently got an email from a reader who asked me this question.  "What can I text my ex to make him contact me on his own?".  First, if you are baiting him, he won't exactly be texting you on his own.  If he replies to your texts, you have prodded him.  The goal if you really want your ex back if for him to come to realize on his own that in fact his life is better with you in it than not.

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There are techniques and certain words you can text that will propel him back towards you, but it must be done at the right time and the right time is not soon after the break up.  When a break up is fresh, emotions run high on both sides and chances are almost 100% you will just make it worse.

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