Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can You Text Your Ex Back?

Sounds crazy?  Not really.  Text messages if sent at the right time with the right words can act as triggers to men.  It can trigger emotions and feelings of the past to come up.  The think you want to focus on though is the good feelings and not the bad ones.  Timing is also a key element here.

I have texted and ex back once upon a time.  I didn't do it right after the break up though.  I waited a month or so.  I gave him time to process his emotions and time for the ugly break up memory to fade a bit.  I then send messages to him that would trigger the feelings we had before things went down hill.  He was on my doorstep within a week and we were reconciling.

I can't say enough about the timing thing.  If you start texting him right after the break up, you won't be thinking clearly.  You will be focused on your pain and your feelings and seeking gratification and relief way too soon.  After a break up a man needs time to move through his feelings and emotions.  If you start texting your ex back too soon, you will fail.

Michael Fiore has created a step by step guide on texting your ex back.  It details out what type of texts to send to trigger these feelings in your ex.  It tells you when the timing is right.  It can be done.  Yes you can text your ex back.  There are no guarantees, but if you follow his plan, your chances are far greater than if you go at it on your own.  Text Your Ex Back.

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