Friday, July 29, 2011

Text Him In Love

Some think texting is for teenagers. They think it's silly and that it hinders real communication. While there may be some truth to this there are a few things you might want to think about before dismissing texting as a tool to enhance your relationship.

A few years ago I was in a relationship with a man that used texting a lot. I don't know if he just knew how to do it instinctively or if he had read one of the online texting guides but I do know this. His texts always made me smile. I had a ring tone assigned to this man. His texts were never mundane, always playful and he never texted me to death. The result. Every time I heard that ring tone, my heart would skip a few beats. I would get excited to hear from him. He was creating triggers and his texts helped me to fall in love with him.

He knowingly or unknowingly created a trigger with his texts. His texts would trigger a euphoric feeling in me. This trigger was so strong. Triggers can also change. He broke up with me. I was heart broke. Anytime after that if he called or texted and I heard that ring tone, it triggered deep sadness. I had to change his ring tone. Triggers can be powerful. They can cause us to feel deep strong emotions.

What are your texts triggering in your guy? Do you text mundane things like can you bring home the milk? Do you use your texts to say you are running late, or convey any other boring details. If so, you aren't texting love. Your texts are not positive triggers. If you can learn to text him things that give him warm fuzzy feelings, you can cement your emotional attraction further and deeper. Yes you can text him in love.
Triggers are powerful. Think about an addict. What is one of the first things an addict has to do to break free of an addiction. He has to remove the triggers. That cup of coffee that triggers the cigarette. Texting love is like creating an addiction with your triggers. He becomes addicted to you.

Stop using texts to your man for anything other than texting love or fun loving things. Create that trigger in him with your texts and help him fall in love with you using these triggers as a tool. You can be playful, or sexual, and engage his imagination with text messages. Your texts become something that is just between you and him. It's those little things that add up and grow emotional attraction and yes text love!

I can also remember how it felt when I didn't get a text from a particular man. It didn't feel good. This only worked to heighten the effect of the trigger he created. I would feel relief when I did hear from him. Relief, another positive trigger was created. It's a bit like Pavlov's dog if you think about it. You can text him in love
Learn how to text your guy into a romance and love. Hundreds of women are using this tool to enhance and grow their relationships to new levels.


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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Text a Guy

We all have triggers in our lives. Triggers that make us react or feel a certain way. Triggers that cause us to crave or want certain things. If you are a smoker, you know how that cup of coffee makes you want a cigarette. The coffee without the cigarette just doesn't seem the same. Music can be a trigger. Ever heard a song and you were instantly taken back and you felt just how you felt at the time the song came out. I can hear the song Kung Fu Fighting and instantly feel like I did at the age of 13 skating at a skating rink holding the hand of my latest crush.

I dated a man once, and fell in love with him by the way. I had a ring tone assigned to him. Barracuda by Heart. Every time my phone rang with that tone, my heart beat a little faster. The man also just happened to be, I see in hindsight, very good at texting. It was never anything dull. He was always funny and always picking on me and pushing my buttons. It built attraction. The ring tone became a trigger to a euphoric feeling. He later dumped me and the trigger changed for me. If he happened to call after the break up, the sound of that tone caused me apprehension. Triggers are powerful. I had to change the ring tone to keep my sanity.

Texting can act as a trigger. It's up to you if you want that trigger to make him feel good or bring on apprehension or even feelings of nothing. If you text him to pick up milk on his way home, or ask what time is he coming home, or just mundane things, the sight of your name on his cell phone screen becomes a negative trigger. You can change that.

If on the other hand you send him racy messages, messages that confirm his masculinity (do so sparingly by the way), your name on his screen becomes a positive trigger. It triggers a good warm fuzzy feeling and only secures the emotional attraction.

If he happens to have a ring tone assigned to you the effect of triggers is even more powerful. If you have an assigned ring tone and you have been sending the mundane messages, your first step is to get that ring tone changes. It' will be far easier to follow this texting guide by Michael if you start out fresh. It's easier to set new triggers than to over ride old ones. You don't want the two to get crossed up.

Triggers are powerful. This is why texting can be so effective to bring back the romance and turn your clueless man or drifting man into a Prince Charming, romantic dream guy.

Carolina Robin

Monday, July 18, 2011

When He Never Texts First

he never texts first

When he never texts first, it makes a girl wonder doesn't it. I mean he answers you so all must be well.  Still, something feels off if you are the one doing all the work and there is a good reason it feels this way. Read More......

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texting Tips to Spice It Up

Want to add some spice to your relationship?  Texting may just be you answer.  Sound strange?  Not really.  Men are visual.  You can use text messages to stimulate his imagination and he will get the visual effects.  It will get you on his mind and have him thinking about you all day long if you sext him or text him right.

One little sentence can do wonders.  I had a group of women text this one sentence this week.  I can't stop thinking about you.  The results were amazing.  This is really effective done in the middle or late afternoon when you know you are going to see him that night.  If it's out of your character, even more effective.  It gets him so curious.  You job is to roll with his lead from there, be creative, playful and fun.  Get his motor going.

I texted my guy this last week.  "I have had a long hard day and could really use a stiff one"  Now this could mean a drink as we all know.  Do you think he visualized a drink though?  Really?  Oh he came and got me and took me for a drink, but he was so distracted it was just funny.  He kept rubbing my legs, and was really in tune, I must say.

Another good technique is to use the I know something you don't technique. I have a secret.  This can be done countless ways.  An example.  Oh if you only knew what I was thinking.  Then you play with him a little.  Give him some hints.  Play around.  This is also known as sexting.

Men are really easy to spice up.  Just text something with a double meaning playfully to let him know you are open to his come back.  You want to inspire him and his fantasies with your sext messages.  You want to stimulate his imagination so that he will get those visual pictures in his head.  Men are visual and that is a fact.

I have seen women literally turn the heat and romance on full force in men that they felt were taking them for granted with a few text messages.  It's powerful stuff.  It's also great fun.  If you want to spice it up there are tons of texting and sexting tips here.  Text the Romance. This guy has been on Rachael Raye and has had women in the audience testing his techniques live.  Amazing results. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Men Stop Calling or Texting

It happens a lot.  Men stop calling or texting.  They could be coming on full force, texting marathons, or calling everyday or often.  We feel we were sent mixed signals and wonder why men stop calling and texting.  The truth here, maybe he didn't send mixed signals at all.  Women tend to often jump ahead and assume that a relationship is happening when the man is on an entirely different page.

 There are many reasons why men stop calling though.  How available were you?  Were you a challenge?  Did you offer up any resistance at all?  Men really do like a challenge.  They like the chase, they were born that way.  Guys stop calling sometimes because they are just bored or the chase is gone.  Seems unfair?  Not really.  Usually when a man stops calling it's in the early stages of dating.  He is qualifying you.  You should be qualifying him as well, meaning you don't put all your eggs into his basket too soon.  As long as you aren't invested too much too soon, it shouldn't matter much if he stops calling or not.

Why men stop texting is because you invest too much too soon!

why men stop texting
Speaking over over investing, this is the main reason men stop texting and calling.  They can feel your energy.  They can tell if you are more invested or ahead of them in the relationship.  Most women go into dating with the expectation that it should turn into a relationship.  Men don't really approach dating like this.  

Another reason a man stops calling or texting is simply this.  You picked the wrong man.  Think about it.  Do you really want a man that just drops off the face of the earth?  Probably not.  In the beginning of dating, you are sizing him up, not the other way around.  Keep that attitude and he will feel it.  The take it or leave it or the I haven't quite made up my mind about you yet attitude will get you much further.

You more than likely if a man has stopped calling and texting you are wondering what did you do.  Did he meet someone else?  Did he go back to his ex?  Did I say something or do something wrong?  Why am I not good enough?  These thoughts are pointless and will get you nowhere and won't make him call again.  He is either into you or not.  If you have to guess or wonder, he probably is not.

If you really are tired of men disappearing, of men stopping contact, it's time to make some changes in one of two areas.  Either in the men you are selecting or accepting or either in the way you react or respond in the early stages of dating.  Are you one of those women that sends men unknowingly to the hills.

Why He Disappeared is the best resource I have come across yet on helping you stop the disappearing man syndrome.  I endorse it, believe in it and highly suggest it.  I haven't had a man stop calling me in a very very long time.

Why He Disappeared!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Sexting Tips - He Always Talks About Sex in His Texts

I have a forum for women. All sorts of topics come up there, all about dealing with men, dating and relationships.  There is a sexting tips thread there.  While sexting can be fun and add a spark to your relationship, too much is not a good thing. 

Recently a woman wanted some sexting tips, well we all chimed in a gave them to her, but it back fired on her.  now when he texts or should I say sexts her, it's always about sex.  She is beginning to wonder if that is all he likes her for.  I can't say that I blame her.  We gave her the sexting tips, but left out the consequences it could cause her.  Sexting is fun, but can really get out of hand.  We women want to be values for more than our kitties or ability to give a blow job.  We have hearts, brains and minds we want guys to see as well.

The place she screwed up is not really in what she sexted, but the fact that she did it at the very beginning of dating.  If you do this at the first few weeks or months or two, well this is when you are laying the groundwork for how a man treats you.  I can give you hundreds of sexting tips but please hold onto them until your relationship is started and off the ground.

You see, men are boys, they love this sexting stuff and they will run with it.  You can type a message that your cat died and put something about his big firm penis in the same message and he will miss the cat part completely.  Maybe not this bad but you get my point.  They are going to run with the sex everytime unless he is a man with a few hang ups.  If you want a man to see you as you are, leave the sexting tips until later, otherwise it's going to be hard to back track.   

Changing the rules in midstream confuses a man.  If you start out using these sexting tips, then ask that he stop, you are sending mixed signals.  Something we accuse them of so often. 

It a man starts up on the sexting before you do and it's early in the game this is the best time to see his true colors.  You don't have to be rude or ugly about it, but you can let him know that you aren't comfortable with that.  Sometimes ignoring such texts or changing the subject will do the trick and he gets the hint.  Other times you may need to just tell him, nicely of course.  Something like "I am flattered, but that sort of makes me uncomfortable until we know one another better".  His reaction is your sign.  If he accepts, good for him, if he reacts like a child, go ahead and toss him now.  He just wants sex.

Sexting tips, oh I have many and will write them all down soon.  It's fun, it can rekindle a spark, it can make your relationship more fun and exciting when done at the right time.  If done too soon though, it will set you up as a sex object and leaving you struggling to change his perception of you.  Don't fall into this trap.  The woman I spoke of above did finally have to claw her way out of the corner she had backed herself into.  She managed, and he stuck around, but she was stressing for weeks prior wondering how on earth to get him off the sex and into her.

Sexting Tips