Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Text a Guy All Day Long

Other than the obvious that you are getting nothing accomplished what does it hurt to have one of those marathon texting adventures with a guy? You are really connecting and it seems like he must really like you if he keeps texting, and that may very well be the case. Have you ever been in one of those marathons and he just cut if off, or stopped replying? There is no mystery, no allure in an all day texting marathon. He knows he has you hooked. He also may get the clue that you don't have much of a life.

When texting a guy, less really is more. It's best to save something for later. Leave him wanting more. Be the first to exit the conversation. If you are texting a guy all day, he is eventually going to get bored. He is also going to see you as very available. You don't want him to see you this way, guys love a challenge. When texting a guy, go back and forth a few times and stop.

When texting guys, remember this, often they are testing you. They want to see how into him you are. If you will go along with his all day marathon, he knows you are really into him. This tells him you are pretty easy. It makes you a good target as a back up girl. Ever been texting a guy all day and then a few weeks later he rarely is in any contact at all. Had you slowed it down and made him work harder from the beginning the chances are fewer that he will vanish later down the road.

Constantly texting a guy is not attractive. At the moment if feels good. You are getting instant gratification. Wouldn't you rather have long term satisfaction. When texting a guy, keep this satisfaction goal in the back of your mind, always.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't be the Perpetual Texter

What is a perpetual texter? A person who replies immediately or texts almost constantly. A perpetual texter will almost always kill any attraction that is building. If you are always available and ready to carry on a texting conversation all day long, well there is not much mystery to you. Men love mystery and they love a challenge.

A perpetual texter is not a challenge. Oh the guy may go along with you in the beginning, but I am positive that after a few weeks he is going to get bored and his texts and calls will start to become less and less frequent. He will move onto another more challenging and interesting female.

Men value what they work hardest for. A perpetual texter is easy. No hard work there. Her fingertips are glued to her cell and this makes her appear to have very little of a life. Remember, less is always more in texting with a guy.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flirty Text Messages to Have Him Dying to See You

Men are attracted to mystery, allure, and a challenge. These can all be captured in your flirty text messages and build the attraction unbelievably. To create mystery you have to remember it is sometimes what you don't say that says the most. In other words when texting, don't always answer his questions direct, be evasive, but friendly. This is a very successful technique in building mystery.

Response time is also a good way to build up the attraction. if you always reply right back, you become predictable. Don't be predictable, wait before you reply. Depending on the message a couple of hours won't hurt. Then when he finally does get your reply, which of course is going to be light and flirty, you better believe he is going to pay it more attention. Presto, you got his full attention. Think long term satisfaction girls, not instant gratification.

Less is always more in texting. I have to mention the perpetual texter. The one that replies right back or texts all day long. Do you really think guys find this attractive? Maybe it's good for a quick fix for a few weeks, but trust me, it won't go long term.

Playing on words is also a great way to send flirty text messages. You can be a little evil with this, yet he can't come right out and say you were being evil. For example, he texts you a yes or no question. Your answer "I moist say no". I guess you could call it subliminal talk to the penis. That really is exactly what it is. Learn to do this, and it gets his attention.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Should I Text Him? Should I Call Him?

It happens all the time. A man gets your number and never calls, or calls a few times and then stops. We think what did I do, was it something I said. Why did he lose interest, did he meet someone else. Maybe I should call him so he won't forget me. If you have been down this road before, you are not alone, we all have. First and foremost, don't look for excuses to call him, if he wants to talk to you, his finger are not broken, I promise. So why don't men call?

Perhaps he gave you his number and asked you to call or text him. He asked you to, so why not? First off usually when a man gives you his number, he is really not all that interested. If a man is interested, he will get your number and call you. Men usually give their number to women that they may just want to keep on a back burner somewhere. If they see a woman as intriguing and possible someone they would like to get to know, rest assured they will get your number. So that being said, no, don't call, don't text. This will up your value in his eyes, he will see you are not desperate for his attention and next time he just may get your number.

Was he calling or texting regularly and then just stopped? If this is the case, do nothing. If you contact him, it shows him he is in control, he has you where he wants you. You would not be calling or texting him if you were not bothered by his lack of contact. This shows a man that you want to be with him more than he wants to be with you. Not a good place to be in a relationship. Calling or texting men often gives you the adverse affect to what you want.

Last but not least, he got your number and never called, never texted. The answer to this is no do nothing, no contact, just say next. If you have to chase a man, nothing good will come of it. You will be chasing and doing all the work for the duration of your relationship. Stop stressing over "Should I call or text him" and start focusing on why he should contact you.

The rules for calling and not calling men are very confusing. These phone calls play a huge part in how your relationship will or will not progress. There are ways and techniques to turn these phone calls and texts around and get him and keep him calling and texting.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Calling and Texting Men

First thing to remember is if you are texting or calling men, you are giving them power over you. You want to be the one with the power. Now I know this is a hard concept to grasp, but if you are so readily available, you take the mystery out of it. You are predictable and he may be predicting that you are going to become an emotional needy girlfriend.

When you make that call or text first you are sending negative messages. What he is hearing is that you are needy, you are into him and he does not have to worry about you. You will be there when he is ready to talk to you. You want him to wonder if you really are all that into him. This will propel him to make contact, which is what you want. Honestly, when that phone does ring or you do get that text that he sent first, don't you feel like jumping for joy. It just does not feel as good if you had to do the initiating.

The way you reply to his text messages is very important. Be upbeat, funny and make him laugh. If there is and inside joke between the two of you, play on it. This will make him associate good warm feelings when he calls or texts and he will do it more often. If you are the one doing the chasing, he will likely lose interest.

The way we handle these calls and texts can make or break a relationship. Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what to do and say and when to do it? If it could improve your dating and relationships wouldn't it be worth it? Do you want to be the girl that makes him roll his eyes in agitation every time the phone rings? I am sure you answered that no. You can create tons of attraction and move a relationship forward just by knowing how to handle calling men. Don't you want to be the one who is being pursued and not doing the chasing. Wouldn't it feel good to relax and just know he is going to call.

When to text and call a man is just one of the many things that make up the dynamics in a relationship. There is an art to balancing these dynamics. I have joined one of the thousands and thousands of women who have learned to date with out drama and get what we deserve in relationships with men.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why He Won't Text or Call

There are a lot of reasons why he doesn't call or text. If he just got your number and hasn't called, and it's only been a few days, he still may. A guy's timetable is different from ours. Sometimes it is a couple of weeks before he calls for the first time. If it's been a couple of weeks though and still he doesn't call, not even a text, chances are good he is not going to. He is just not really into you. Chalk it up and move on. No point in calling him or texting him, if he was interested he would call. Don't make the mistake of making him more of a priority than he is making you.

Then we have the man who comes on strong in the beginning, calls and texts often, you go out on a few great dates and then nothing. All communication stops and you are wondering what you did wrong. You may even be making excuses for him in your head. The reason he doesn't call or text you anymore in this situation is he has probably lost interest, and it may or may not be anything you did. Guys live in the moment. In the beginning all those chemicals are active, then when the dust settles, he thinks, whoa, what am I doing here, she is going to think I want a relationship and I am just not sure.

Last but not least is the sporadic caller or texter. He may call and text one week often, then go missing for a week or more. This is the guy that is keeping his options open. He is placing you on the back burner. He calls in or texts to check occasionally to make sure you are still there. The reason he doesn't call or text consistently is because he sees you as just Miss Right now. He is still looking for Miss Right, but wants to be sure if he gets the itch, you are there.

There are many reasons of course why he doesn't call, or why he stopped texting, but how you handle this is critical to determining where the relationship will or will not go. It can make or break it. If you start calling him, or send random texts asking him why he doesn't call, you might as well close the casket, this one is dead. This behavior is a huge attraction killer. If he stopped calling or he doesn't text, let him be.

Learning how to handle a man's calling and texting is crucial to dating success. No girl should not be aware of the rules for calling men if she is to survive the dating jungle.

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