Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are You Textually Appealing Quiz

How is your Text Appeal?  In other words, do your texts trigger excitement, attraction, warm fuzzy thoughts, and desire?  Do they have your mate longing to see you.  Take this quiz to find out if you are textually appealing or a wet blanket that conveys neediness or insecurity.

1.  If you meet a guy out and he gives you his number and says "text me", do you..
     a)  text him the next day and say something like "Hi, this is_________from________last night?
     b)  text him your number right then and there instead and say something like "You text me"
     c)  don't text him at all, if he was interested, he would have gotten your number

2.  You just had a great first date with a guy, do you
      a) text him right afterwards and tell you how great it was
      b) text him the next day to thank him
      c) you don't text him, he should be thanking you.

3.  You have been on a few dates with a guy and it looks promising, do you now text him
      a)  text him first daily
      b) start texting him goodmorning
      c)  back when he texts you

4.  You just text a guy you have been dating and he didn't reply do you
      a) text him again and maybe even again and again
      b) text him and ask him if everything is ok?
      c) do nothing, he may be busy, he will text when he can or wants to.
5.  A guy has been texting you for a few weeks, but never asks you out do you
     a)  text him suggestions for meeting up
     b)  text him sexual messages hoping to get his interest sparked
     c)  stop answering him or ask him to stop texting, you aren't looking for a pen pal

6.  A guy you have begun seeing starts these texting conversations and you
     a) love it, you text with him all day long, it's such fun
    b)  try to keep the converstation going as long as possible
    c)  text a few times, then gracefully exit the conversation

7.  You are texting back and forth with a guy and he just stops so you
      a)  text him and ask him where did he go
      b)  try to get him to continue with an interesting new message
      c)  do nothing, he got busy, he will text again later

8.  When texting with a guy who is the first to end the conversation usually
     a)  him
     b) you

1.  a -1, b-3, c- 10
2.  a- 1, b-1, c-10
3.  a-1, b-1, c-10
4  a-0,b-1,c-10
5.  a-1,b-0,c-10
6.  a-1,b-1,c-10
7.  a-1,b-1,c-10
8.  a-0, b-10

If your score was between 60 and 80, congratulations, you are textually appealing and have got it going on.  You understand that you are the prize and that you shouldn't have to do all the heavy lifting to get what you want.  You understand how to ignite attraction and sexual tension and create positive triggers in guys.  You are mysterious, and inspire guys to want to know more about you.

If your score was between 40 and 60, you are on your way, but need some improvement.  You comprehend some of the dynamics to dating and attracting guys, but you still need some work.

If your score was between 20 and 60, there is hope, but you aren't sending the right messages to guys.  Your message may be along the lines of he is more significant to you than you are to you.

If your score is under 20 or worse under 10, you have zero text appeal and you might want to do some research on the subject.  You don't understand the male-femal dynamics and how it works to build some intense attraction, not to mention sexual tension. You can start here.  Should I text him.

Text Appeal

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