Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secrets for Texting a Guy You Just Met

In order to stand out from the other girls you gotta be different. In order to do this, you need to know what it is they are doing. I will list a few below.

1. They text the guy first

2. They engage in all day texting marathons

3. They exaggerate too many letters or use too much punctuation. Such as adding a dozen O's on the end of hello followed by 8 exclamation points.

4. If the guy doesn't reply to texts, they text again.

5. They are boring

The above are just a few things that most girls do. The main thing here is you don't want to come across as too available or as if you are glued to your phone. If you always reply right away, are always available and have time to engage in those all day marathons, he won't see you as very valuable. He is not having to work to get your attention. This is not good and it a sure way to kill the attraction of a guy you just met.

When texting a guy you just met, always let him send the first text. Reply, but don't jump and do it instantly, let him wait. You are a busy girl right? You aren't just sitting around waiting on him to call or text. Meet him with wit and humor but some healthy resistance. If you can end the conversation first, all the better. It doesn't feel as good to be the last one to send the text and he not reply.

Never when texting a guy you just met do you want to lay any of your cards on the table. You don't want to shower him with compliments or let on that you are into him yet. So often girls screw up right here with texting. They start laying it on thick, investing in the guy way before he has shown he is willing to return that investment. You might as well text him "Pick me, Pick me, please". Let him lead, you follow his pace with a little holding back.

Guys like mystery. They value the things they have to work for. When texting a guy you just met, if you want to get and keep his attention, be elusive, mysterious and flirty. Stand out from the other girls.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Texting Techniques Not to Use on Guys

This weekend I Googled texting guys and ran across a video two guys made about the ridiculous text messages they get from girls. Seems they have a problem with our lingo. They wonder why we text Heeeeyyyyy or Helloooooo instead of a simple "hey" or "hello". They went onto to conduct a fake job interview with one of the guys answering the questions talking like girls text. It was a bit out there, but funny and it brought it home. Apparently they see it as silly and not needed. So when texting a guy, remember, spell the words like they are, don't add letters to drive a point. It's falling on deaf ears.

Another thing is the many exclamation points and constant "lol"s. It seems they see this as silly also. Guys are not emotional creatures and this does not lock in attraction to them. Guys aren't triggered by emotional things, in fact, they probably don't even get it so don't waste your time.

When texting guys, just be short and to the point and witty. They don't really get into the cute mushy stuff. If they are texting you cute things, it's only because they think you like it, which be honest, we do.

Just wanted to share that information. To learn sure fire texting techniques that do work and will build attraction, click here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stop Texting Him Before He Runs for The Hills

First off, if he is texting you, yes you should reply. It's the polite thing to do. If on the other hand you are the one initiating all or most of the texting communication, you might want to reconsider. You are investing way more into him than he is you and the relationship will not be balanced. You are training him that you are willing to do all of the work to keep it going. Not a good thing at all. It would be wise on your part to stop texting him first. Let him come to you.

The reason you want him to come to you is because for one girl, you are worth it. You should not have to be the one to keep it going. You are the prize, you are valuable. If you don't stop texting him all the time, he will not see you as valuable. He will see you as available, perhaps easy, and maybe even needy. Not attractive qualities and not qualities that increase your value in his eyes.

Ever heard the phrase "We want what we can't have". If you are texting him all the time, guess what? He knows he can have you anytime. Where is the challenge in that? You might as well jump up and down screaming "Pick me, Pick me!". Stop texting him, let him text you. You reply flirty and evasive. Be the girl who he just can't quite have. This is crucial in building the attraction, especially in the beginning of dating.

In Summary, don't be a perpetual texter. Don't be the girl that while he is busy or out with the guys who constantly texts him. Stop texting him and let him text you. Let him wonder what you are doing. He will be rolling his eyes and sharing this information with his pals. This does not show you in a good light. Less is more, always.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Should I Text Him

A few weeks ago I went out with my best single girlfriend. She met this great guy. He seemed so into her. They had an amazing connection. They danced, talked, laughed and at the end of the night he got her number. Hmmmm, what happened, he didn't call. Three days later she calls me and asks, "should I text him?" My answer, "No".

You may be thinking well what will it hurt. For one thing about this. You are sitting there wondering and stressing. What is he doing? Do you really think he is sitting at home wondering. Is he thinking oh my, should I call her, should I text her? No he is not. If you text him he is going to know immediately that you are way more into him than he is into you. When it comes to texting guys, less is more.

Now 10 days go by. She held firm to my advice. Guess what? Yep, he called. Men are getting used to being texted by women. They are getting used to women doing thier work for them because so many act on their insecurities and fall into this trap. When a woman is not so anxious he finds her more attractive. He thinks this one is different, she doesn't have to chase me. Perhaps someone is chasing her. Competitiveness will drive a man into action. Think about how he views you next time you ask the question, should I text him.

When you start texting a guy who is not texting you first you might as well wave a flag that says "pick me, pick me". How attractive is that? It's always best to mirror his level of commitment. If he is texting you, sure text him back, but if he is not, step away from the phone. By texting often and first, you are telling him he can just sit back, you aren't going in where. He already has you under wraps. What happens is that you fall into the role of the back burner girl. So when you ask, should I text him, try to hold out.

How you handle that dating tool called the cell phone can make or break your dating life. It is a very powerful tool indeed. When it comes to texting guys, learn to do it right. Learn to send his level of attraction through the roof by what you do and don't do with that often dangerous tool, the cell phone.

Friday, September 10, 2010

He Was Texting Everyday and Then Stopped

Maybe he is a new love interest, or maybe you have been seeing him for a while. He was consistent, texting everyday and then it dwindles down to nothing. You text him, he either doesn't reply or is short. What is going on? Why do they do this.

It could be many reasons that's for sure. He could have met someone else, he could have just lost interest for no reason at all. Maybe he is just keeping you around on the back burner. One thing is for sure though, you are no longer on his list of priorities. If he was texting and then stopped, something is up, no doubt.

Often we get that projector rolling in our heads and over think and make excuses. Then we reach out and text them. Stop and think before you do this. Do you really want to make him a priority when he is obviously only making you an option. Bottom line, unless he is dead or in an accident there are no excuses for this behavior. If you text him asking questions about what happened he will see you as desperate. He will know he can come and go as he pleases and you will accept this behavior.

Do nothing, let him go. Don't text, don't call, don't arrange to bump into him somewhere. By doing nothing it shows you are not bothered, you are too busy to be bothered. Next time he does text, don't reply right away. Show him you are carefree and don't really need him. This increases your value in his eyes. Guys appreciate things of value.

Last of all, don't beat yourself up. This happens to all of us over and over again. Move forward to and save your effort for someone who is putting effort into you.

For rules about calling and texting guys and what to do and not to do click here.