Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can You Text Your Ex Back?

Sounds crazy?  Not really.  Text messages if sent at the right time with the right words can act as triggers to men.  It can trigger emotions and feelings of the past to come up.  The think you want to focus on though is the good feelings and not the bad ones.  Timing is also a key element here.

I have texted and ex back once upon a time.  I didn't do it right after the break up though.  I waited a month or so.  I gave him time to process his emotions and time for the ugly break up memory to fade a bit.  I then send messages to him that would trigger the feelings we had before things went down hill.  He was on my doorstep within a week and we were reconciling.

I can't say enough about the timing thing.  If you start texting him right after the break up, you won't be thinking clearly.  You will be focused on your pain and your feelings and seeking gratification and relief way too soon.  After a break up a man needs time to move through his feelings and emotions.  If you start texting your ex back too soon, you will fail.

Michael Fiore has created a step by step guide on texting your ex back.  It details out what type of texts to send to trigger these feelings in your ex.  It tells you when the timing is right.  It can be done.  Yes you can text your ex back.  There are no guarantees, but if you follow his plan, your chances are far greater than if you go at it on your own.  Text Your Ex Back.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are You Textually Appealing Quiz

How is your Text Appeal?  In other words, do your texts trigger excitement, attraction, warm fuzzy thoughts, and desire?  Do they have your mate longing to see you.  Take this quiz to find out if you are textually appealing or a wet blanket that conveys neediness or insecurity.

1.  If you meet a guy out and he gives you his number and says "text me", do you..
     a)  text him the next day and say something like "Hi, this is_________from________last night?
     b)  text him your number right then and there instead and say something like "You text me"
     c)  don't text him at all, if he was interested, he would have gotten your number

2.  You just had a great first date with a guy, do you
      a) text him right afterwards and tell you how great it was
      b) text him the next day to thank him
      c) you don't text him, he should be thanking you.

3.  You have been on a few dates with a guy and it looks promising, do you now text him
      a)  text him first daily
      b) start texting him goodmorning
      c)  back when he texts you

4.  You just text a guy you have been dating and he didn't reply do you
      a) text him again and maybe even again and again
      b) text him and ask him if everything is ok?
      c) do nothing, he may be busy, he will text when he can or wants to.
5.  A guy has been texting you for a few weeks, but never asks you out do you
     a)  text him suggestions for meeting up
     b)  text him sexual messages hoping to get his interest sparked
     c)  stop answering him or ask him to stop texting, you aren't looking for a pen pal

6.  A guy you have begun seeing starts these texting conversations and you
     a) love it, you text with him all day long, it's such fun
    b)  try to keep the converstation going as long as possible
    c)  text a few times, then gracefully exit the conversation

7.  You are texting back and forth with a guy and he just stops so you
      a)  text him and ask him where did he go
      b)  try to get him to continue with an interesting new message
      c)  do nothing, he got busy, he will text again later

8.  When texting with a guy who is the first to end the conversation usually
     a)  him
     b) you

1.  a -1, b-3, c- 10
2.  a- 1, b-1, c-10
3.  a-1, b-1, c-10
4  a-0,b-1,c-10
5.  a-1,b-0,c-10
6.  a-1,b-1,c-10
7.  a-1,b-1,c-10
8.  a-0, b-10

If your score was between 60 and 80, congratulations, you are textually appealing and have got it going on.  You understand that you are the prize and that you shouldn't have to do all the heavy lifting to get what you want.  You understand how to ignite attraction and sexual tension and create positive triggers in guys.  You are mysterious, and inspire guys to want to know more about you.

If your score was between 40 and 60, you are on your way, but need some improvement.  You comprehend some of the dynamics to dating and attracting guys, but you still need some work.

If your score was between 20 and 60, there is hope, but you aren't sending the right messages to guys.  Your message may be along the lines of he is more significant to you than you are to you.

If your score is under 20 or worse under 10, you have zero text appeal and you might want to do some research on the subject.  You don't understand the male-femal dynamics and how it works to build some intense attraction, not to mention sexual tension. You can start here.  Should I text him.

Text Appeal

Text The Romance


Monday, November 14, 2011

Text The Romance Back Examples and Fun!

I love the concept of text the romance back.  Some think it's silly.  Not so.  Some say texting is for teenagers.  Again, this just is not so.  This weekend, I had a lot of fun with texing with my significant other.  Friday night, we were out with a group of friends.  I was sitting next to my gossipy girlfriend and was getting annoyed to say the least.  My boyfriend was beside me, talking to one of his buds about work.  Again, that wasn't much more exciting either, so I decided to create my own excitement.

When I went to the bathroom, I took my phone.  I came up with a clever naughty text and had it ready to go.  I came back to the table, sat back down and hit send while going on about my business as if lil ole me hadn't done a thing.  My boyfriends phone chimed and he read the message.  The result?  He lost his focus and couldn't keep up the conversation with his bud.  We ended up texting back and forth a lot that night.  We stayed connected on an emotional level even amongst a crowd.  It heated up even more when we got home.

My boyfriend and I live together and often we get caught up in day to day life and stresses.  Texting has become a great connector for us.  I sometimes take my phone to the bedroom with me (I have a daughter, need I say more).  I woke up Sunday morning and my boyfriend was up.  I thought, hmmm, what can I do today?  I picked up my phone and sent him a text.  It said, "Good Morning Sweetie, I am laying here thinking of what it feels like when you do________________.  Fill in the blank.  He was laying in bed with me in 30 seconds flat.  Or you could send something like "I am laying in bed thinking about what if would feel like to do_______________to you.

These are just a few text the romance back examples.  I have found the more I do this, the more natural and creative I become at it.  The best part is, my boyfriend loves it too, it makes him feel wanted.  The best result of all is he too is learning, taking the time to also make me feel good and wanted back.  Win win!

Can you not see how texting the romance back can build a deeper emotional connections?  Is this for kids or teenagers?  I think not.

Text the Romance

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Does Text The Romance Back Really Work

Can you really text the romance back into your relationship.  Can you ignite romance into a new relationship with a text message?  Absolutely yes you can.  I know this because I was doing this long before Michael Fiore ever wrote the book.  I did it in dating and I did it inside of relationships.  It has also been done to me.  Texting, emailing, instant messages,any electronic instant communication, it's all the same thing.  I once fell in love via email, no joke, the story is here.

It's all about building an emotional connection.  It's actually easy to do via text.  Not as much fear.  If you happen to get rejected, (which is very doubtful if you do it right), you can still plan a recovery text.  This is not so easy nor will it be as graceful face to face. Face to face, you don't have the luxury of thinking time to come up with something cleaver.

I learned in my heavy dating days that I could word my texts in a way that would produce the result I desired.  I could sit with my girlfriends, tell them what the outcome would be and hit send and wait.  Worked like a charm almost every time.  Some say this is a game, it's not.  It's just an instinctive understanding of human nature and what it craves and desires.  Give what another desires and chances are good you will get what you desire.

In text the romance back, you are given the tools or the right texts to send.  These texts are designed to make a man feel good and to... well feel like a man.  Not many men won't respond well to this.  Michael also tells you why they work.  He doesn't just lead you blindly through it.  He gives you the tools to be able to carry this out as second nature long after you have finished the book. 

For those that are skeptical, I ask you this.  How can it be a bad thing to learn to better communicate with men in a language that they relate, understand, appreciate and crave.  I believe the best bi-product of text the romance back is that it transfers over into your real life communications.  By supplying the stimulus via text and getting the reinforcement of a positive response, we learn what works and what doesn't.  It becomes easier to carry these lessons from the pc and cell phone, into our real lives.

Am I an advocate of the text message?  Yes and proudly so! 

Text the Romance Back