Saturday, September 24, 2011

When Should I Text Him

Usually the time we struggle most with the question of should I text him is in the beginning of dating or when we have just met a guy we find attractive and interesting. A guy we would like to get to know. We want to reach out and push things along. This time in the beginning is when you should be texting and calling him the least.

When texting guys, it's okay to answer them if they text first of course. It's not okay to initiate. If you send the first text every time, how do you know if he is really really interested? If you think that because he always replies so he must be interested, you could be very wrong. Guys that allow the women to pursue them that they aren't pursuing are often setting you up to be the girl for now, not the girl he falls in love with. It's easy, why turn down easy?

I know women who will text a guy and if she gets no reply, she texts him again. This is not good, don't do this. If he isn't answering, there is a reason. If you are one of these women that then will think, "what if he didn't get it", chill out. Have you ever went back into your sent messages to make sure the text message actually went? If by chance he didn't get it, if he is interested, he will text you soon enough, relax. If he doesn't, he isn't that into you. You texting him again will only make you appear desperate, so no don't text him again. It's an attraction buzz killer!

I also know women who will think up reasons to text him. They have some sort of information that they feel will be of interest to him, so they use that as an excuse to make contact. The only time it's okay to text him first with such information is if is also doing the same type of sharing with you. Don't over share and don't be the first to share. Let him come to you.

As a rule when you should text him is only if he texts you first. There really is no other reason to text him unless he is your boyfriend already and your relationship is established. Texting a guy everyday like so many women do will kill his attraction, not grow it. It equals to a guy a girl who is pushing for a relationship. Pushing makes guys run.

Texting a guy the right thing at the right time can drive his attraction through the roof. You can convey mystery, allure, flirting and bring him closer with a change in your texting techniques alone.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Texting Him Good Morning

Do you text your boyfriend Good morning?  Do you do it daily or almost daily?  If so, how sweet, but I hope you are in a committed relationship with this man that you are are being so sweet to everyday.  I know many women who text guys they have only been casual dating with for a short time.  This is when it is a mistake.  If you are consistently texting him Good morning, it's like you are acting like a girlfriend way too fast.  This is one of the ways to run a man to the hills, acting like a girlfriend when he isn't or doesn't see himself as your boyfriend, yet.......

It shows a man you are into him and that's all fine and well, but it deprives him of the role of pursuer.  Men like to pursue.  Sure the easier, more available women will get a reply, why give up an easy thing.  She will rarely end up the woman he wants to have a relationship with.  The woman he commits to will be a woman that he had to work for and wasn't so available or eager.

If you are going to text him Good morning, do so sparingly and just because he might have texted you Good Morning a time or two does not mean you should return the gesture.  If he texts your first, sure respond, but never ever in the early stages text him Good Morning First.  Let the man lead.  Also if you are pursuing, how on earth will you ever be sure if he does in fact like and respect you?  You can't.  If feels very good when they text you first.  It tells you that yes he is into you and will save you from a lot of guess work down the road if you can start out feeling secure.

I know you probably want to send him sweet good morning text messages, but seriously this puts the masculine and feminine in opposite roles.  A man needs to remain in his masculine to feel good and if you are doing his job for him, how can he?  

If he isn't texting you good morning or texting you first, he isn't that interested and you texting him will only reinforce that he isn't interested.  Men really do like a challenge.  There are lots of ways you can use texting to increase attraction and get and keep his interest.  Texting him Good Morning is dull and mundane, although a sweet thing to do on occasion.  Routines are boring, don't get into them with your texting.  Boring equates to loss of attraction.

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