Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Men Stop Calling or Texting

It happens a lot.  Men stop calling or texting.  They could be coming on full force, texting marathons, or calling everyday or often.  We feel we were sent mixed signals and wonder why men stop calling and texting.  The truth here, maybe he didn't send mixed signals at all.  Women tend to often jump ahead and assume that a relationship is happening when the man is on an entirely different page.

 There are many reasons why men stop calling though.  How available were you?  Were you a challenge?  Did you offer up any resistance at all?  Men really do like a challenge.  They like the chase, they were born that way.  Guys stop calling sometimes because they are just bored or the chase is gone.  Seems unfair?  Not really.  Usually when a man stops calling it's in the early stages of dating.  He is qualifying you.  You should be qualifying him as well, meaning you don't put all your eggs into his basket too soon.  As long as you aren't invested too much too soon, it shouldn't matter much if he stops calling or not.

Why men stop texting is because you invest too much too soon!

why men stop texting
Speaking over over investing, this is the main reason men stop texting and calling.  They can feel your energy.  They can tell if you are more invested or ahead of them in the relationship.  Most women go into dating with the expectation that it should turn into a relationship.  Men don't really approach dating like this.  

Another reason a man stops calling or texting is simply this.  You picked the wrong man.  Think about it.  Do you really want a man that just drops off the face of the earth?  Probably not.  In the beginning of dating, you are sizing him up, not the other way around.  Keep that attitude and he will feel it.  The take it or leave it or the I haven't quite made up my mind about you yet attitude will get you much further.

You more than likely if a man has stopped calling and texting you are wondering what did you do.  Did he meet someone else?  Did he go back to his ex?  Did I say something or do something wrong?  Why am I not good enough?  These thoughts are pointless and will get you nowhere and won't make him call again.  He is either into you or not.  If you have to guess or wonder, he probably is not.

If you really are tired of men disappearing, of men stopping contact, it's time to make some changes in one of two areas.  Either in the men you are selecting or accepting or either in the way you react or respond in the early stages of dating.  Are you one of those women that sends men unknowingly to the hills.

Why He Disappeared is the best resource I have come across yet on helping you stop the disappearing man syndrome.  I endorse it, believe in it and highly suggest it.  I haven't had a man stop calling me in a very very long time.

Why He Disappeared!


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