Friday, April 29, 2011

Should I Call Him - Should I Email Him

You are sitting there staring at your phone or maybe your computer screen contemplating should I call him, should I email him. whichever one you are struggling with, they are both about should you contact him.

It depends on your motives for calling him or emailing him. What is it that you hope to gain? A date? A confirmation that he is into you? Access your motives first, because more times than not calling men or emailing me, initiating that contact is you seeking some form of validation from him.

If he isn't giving it to you of his own free will and needs you to lead and hold his hand, well, more than likely you are better off to step away from the phone, step away from the computer. It's not going to make him like you anymore. It's not going to attract him.

Quite the opposite. You are depriving him of the chase. I know a lot of women who email or call men when they haven't heard from him in as little as a days time. Patience I am going to tell you pays off. It feels so much better to see his name pop up in your inbox knowing he did it because he wanted to. It feels so good to see his name on your cell phone screen because then you know he was thinking of you and you did nothing to force this.

Another thing to remember when you are wondering should I call him, should I email him is this. If you do and he doesn't respond right away, leave it alone. If you keep on, he is going to think of you as needy and will dismiss any relationship potential that you may have had with him.

If you are going to play the calling, texting and emailing games with a man, you best get it down and learn to do it right. A man can learn a lot about you by how you handle these media forms. These things alone are big clues to him as to if you will make good girlfriend or relationship, even marriage material.

If you want to know all about how and when to call me and how it plays such a huge role in weather he chooses you for more than friends, please check out Mimi Tanner's book. It's the bomb and has all you ever need to know about calling, texting and emailing men.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Guys and Texting

I think we have established that guys are into the texting now. Google it, check it out. The market is now so saturated with products teaching guys how to seduce and flirt with women it's not even funny. They call it the online and texting game.

Are you prepared to keep up with them. They are on these pick up forums all over the web, learning these successful techniques. They remark about the women that give them dull responses. They choose their words and techniques carefully to get the results they desire. Some of these guys play a mean texting game.

Can you play it back. Can you escalate a man's attraction and have him dying to see you with a simple text message and technique? If you can't, you are missing out on the biggest dating tool you have access to. Your cell phone. Flirting over text messages can be powerful to say the least, otherwise these gurus would not be making a killing off of it.

You can check out text appeal here, currently one of the few e-books available for women regarding texting. Stay tuned though, I am currently working on one to blow these guys out the water, coming soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sexting - Flirty Text Messages

Sexting is a term widely becoming known as flirting with text messages. This new dating tool is rapidly taking the dating world by swarm. Sexting has evolved in the last few years as can be proven in the search engines and the media.

In 2005 Sexting was something common among teenagers. There was a lot of controversy with this topic. New laws had to be put in place regarding child pornography. If you googled this term up to about a year ago, that was the only information to be had on Sexting. Texting wasn't even around then, let alone sexting or flirting with text messages.

6 months ago had you done a search on Sexting, Wikipedia would not have even shown up. Now if you google it, Wikipedia is in first place with the history of sexting. The definition of it does not include flirting with text messages or it's us as a dating tool, but you can bet it will.

The cell phone carriers are even taking advantage of texting to be about flirting with text and dating. Have you seen the commercial with the 2 guys in the ski lift. The guy on the right is texting the guy on the lefts ex girlfriend and securing a date. The messages are going instantly and he has a date in about 20 seconds. It ends with the guy on the left throwing his friend's phone off the ski lift.

Google sexting now and starting on page two, the results are about flriting with text messages. There are blogs, websites and now guides you can purchase about the texting and online game. It's generally geared towards men, but the woman aren't far behind. They are fast learning they have to be able to keep up when it comes to texting.

The fact of the matter is this. Sexting or Flirting with text messages is a great dating tool. If you use some good techniques you can escalate your love life to much higher levels. It can build and enhance attraction if used the right way.

I have had some skilled guys text me, they could have me about to dye to see me. I have also had those guys that bored me to tears. If you aren't using texting as sexting, you may get left behind. Allmost all women text and they expect men to know how to use this means of communication. I roll my eyes when a man tells me he doesn't text. I think he must be an antique or something and I am immediately disappointed. if you aren't sending flirty text messages, you are missing the boat.