Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sexting Men - Creating Visual Affects

When some think of sexting, they think of sending naked pics to their love interests.  It's so much more fun to just play with their imaginations than to send out and out naked pics.  There is an art to sexting the right way.

Men are visual creatures.  They take visuals and turn them all around in their imagination.  You can build some serious sexual tension via sexting creating visuals for men in their heads.

Simple words can do wonders.  Take sweat for example.  It's summer now.  It's hot.  If you can mention you are soaking wet with sweat, I promise you his mind wanders.  It's just the way the male brain is wired.  Play on these sorts of words.

I had a man going once with his glasses, as in reading glasses.  I texted him how sexy he was in his reading glasses.  He texted back, then I went further how I was thinking about removing them.  His imagination did the rest of the work for me as he visualized what would happen once I removed them.  Sexual tension Oh la la.

Ever told a man you weren't wearing any panties?  Even though he can't actually see you aren't wearing any panties, it drives him wild.  He can't focus anymore.  He is distracted and just wants to get you home.  This is what you want to do, create those visuals with your texts/sexts.

The more you play with this, the more natural you will get at it.  Look for opportunities in his texts to turn them into sexts, without be raunchy or explicit.  His imagination is your best weapon for building sexual tension.  Teasing is fun and the funny thing about teasing is it not only builds sexual tension, but can build on the emotional attraction as well.