Monday, July 30, 2012

Should I Text My Ex on His Birthday?

should i text my ex on his birthday

So you and your boyfriend are broken up and now it's his birthday!  You want to know should I text my ex happy birthday?  Here are just a few thoughts before you let your fingers do the talking.

You most likely see this as an excuse to make contact.  If you see it as an excuse, he will too. Ask yourself what is the real motive behind you wanting to text your ex?  Be honest with yourself.  Is it to remind him you still think of him, that you still care?  Do you hope he will suddenly remember you are alive and want to get back together.

When a man breaks up with you, he has decided he no longer wants you in his life, at least in that moment.  To still cling to him, even with a simply happy birthday text is not something you do with people who have chosen to longer be a part of your life.

If you think it's rude not to text your ex on his birthday, think again a bit harder.  He isn't a part of your life anymore.  You aren't included in his birthday plans.  His life is going on.  By texting your ex, you are showing him that perhaps yours is not.

You will make him wonder far more by not texting him on his birthday than if you do.  If you want him back, a little wondering works wonders.  It's when they feel you slipping out of their grasp for good that they may begin to feel regret.  If you text your ex on his birthday, you are still in his grasp.

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Does he text you on your birthday?  Will he?  Giving more than you are getting is not the way to a man's heart nor will it suddenly make him long for you.  If anything, he may even see you as sad.  Sad is not attractive.

If you are thinking of texting an ex happy birthday, think again.  Save your text messages for a man who is present in your life and giving back to you what you are giving him.  A happy birthday text to your ex will not bring him back.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Can I Text My Ex

If you are asking the question, what can I text my ex, chances are you have recently went through a break up.  You are wanting to make some sort of contact.  You probably want him back if you are searching for something to text him to make him want to respond.  Understand that if this is a recent break up, there isn't much you can text him at this point that want be seen as a blaring excuse.  He may likely see it as you grasping at straws.

If your breakup is fresh, your emotions are raw and about anything you do will be driven from these emotions.  We make bad decisions from this place and often end up pushing the man further away.

Timing is everything if you are thinking of texting your ex.  He really needs time to process it all before you go began to attempt to open the lines of communication back up.  I recently got an email from a reader who asked me this question.  "What can I text my ex to make him contact me on his own?".  First, if you are baiting him, he won't exactly be texting you on his own.  If he replies to your texts, you have prodded him.  The goal if you really want your ex back if for him to come to realize on his own that in fact his life is better with you in it than not.

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There are techniques and certain words you can text that will propel him back towards you, but it must be done at the right time and the right time is not soon after the break up.  When a break up is fresh, emotions run high on both sides and chances are almost 100% you will just make it worse.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Text Into His Heart - Text Him In Love

text him in love
Can you text your way into his heart? Can you text him in love?  I think yes you can make some progress here that is for sure.  Will your texting efforts cause him to fall deeply in love?  Perhaps not, but you can bet they have to power to lock you into his mind if and only if you do it right.  Most women don't do it right.

I can give you examples and tell you why and how they work.  Men like to be appreciated.  Women like to feel adored.  Many get these crossed up.  A woman thinks because her need is to be adored that is what will feel good to him.  Actually he would rather feel appreciated.

Lets say he texts you he is thinking about you.  Do you?
A)  Text back how much you are thinking about him too
B)  Text back how good it makes you feel to hear him say this?

The answer is B.  The first answer is responding to him like you would want to be responded to.  Men aren't women.  The second answer rewards his efforts, not his words.  A man likes the recognition of his efforts.  It makes him feel like "The man".  If you can make him feel like "The Man", you will fare far better than the woman who brings on the compliments.

Lets say he has just texted you of something he has accomplished.  Maybe a raise, maybe a promotion, maybe he lifted 200 pounds 80 times at the gym, whatever.  How you reply makes a difference.  Would you:
A) That's great. lets celebrate!
B) I am proud of you
C) I knew you would do it!  Wow, I am dating an executive now!  My girlfriends will be jealous.

The answer would be C.  It shows you had faith in him, it shows you are proud.  It shows him in an overall good light and makes him feel good.

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When texting into a man's heart, remember to reward efforts and not words.  Remember he isn't wired like a woman.  Men like appreciation and acceptance.  Before you hit send ask yourself do your words convey appreciation and acceptance or are they more suited towards what one of your girlfriends would want to hear.

Men are also visual.  If you want to reach him emotionally you need to learn how to paint pictures with your words.  Just sharing your emotions with men isn't how to do this.  

Text the Romance has hundreds of examples and techniques on how to build an emotional attraction with a man with texts messages and text him in love.  Men fall in love with the way you make then feel and texting is a great tool that you can use to your advantage.