Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why He Texts and Doesn't Call

What's up with men and texting these days? Did they forget how to use the phone. Truth is, this has become their number one dating tool and some of them have planned tactics when it comes to texting.

Texting is easy. For men, it means less chance of feeling the rejection. They get to plan what the say and think it out. Some men these days rarely use the phone. Sad but true. A lot of the women are adapting to this. You see women everywhere with their phones texting. In grocery stores, department stores, walking or heaven forbid, driving. It's simply easier, less risky than a phone call. No one on the other end to tell you they are busy or it's not a good time. Almost zero chance of rejection.

What a lot of women don't know is these men are in with the dating gurus. There are a lot of programs out there that teach what they call an online and texting game. It's getting more and more common. In a couple of years, it's going to be common knowledge for men that they can up their texting game and attract more women. When it comes to texting men, many of them are way ahead of you here.

The truth of the matter is these taught techniques actually do work on women. They teach men how to be witty, funny and they teach them tactics that will increase your attraction. When it comes to men and texting, they are harmlessly for the most part just trying to attract more women. You really can't blame them for that.

Now some of these programs teach some techniques that aren't so nice. There is a tactic that guys use to get you to chase them. It's sort of like cat and mouse. They just stop texting you for a few days after coming on strong. Think about it, it works more times than not. The woman is used to hearing from him, then he just stops. It's human instinct to go after him.

Then when she initiates, he plays a few more games on her. If you aren't familiar with these techniques, they can hit you blind sided. Her you are on a roller coaster ride and he is just trying to get your attention. Most times, he does.

So knowing these tactics are going to become more and more common, it's fair to say you should, as a woman be prepared with a few tactics of your own to stay one step ahead. These guys are onto something, texting if done correctly, can increase attraction. So why not play the game with them and be better at it. If men are taking lessons to learn how to text women, then we need to be prepared. We need to learn how to text men in return.

Texting is the way of the future. The more prominent is becomes, the more of these guides you will see popping up. Some are very good. Attraction can build to some pretty intense levels in text messaging. The guys are jumping on this, don't you think you should catch up?

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Building Sexual Tension Texting Guys

This is really simple. It's sort of goes parallel with playing hard to get. It's about making him wait a bit before you give into his advances. Anticipation and building up to meeting a guy actually is sexual tension.

How do you do this, build this sexual tension. If he is texting you, asking you questions, don't always answer him so readily. Maybe even answer his question with a question. Inspire him to be creative to get your attention and your time. Now by all means, keep flirting, tossing him crumbs so he will know you could be interested.

It's sort of about keeping him guessing. He won't know if you are into him or not, but he thinks you could be. Think about playing the slot machine. It's the little wins that keep you playing in hopes of winning the jackpot.

You don't want to do this too long as he may give up. A week is good, if he is a patient sort, maybe a little longer. You want him to get excited about meeting you. If you meet a guy right off the bat, he isn't going to be that excited. He will be excited more if he had to work for it. We all know we value that which we work for.

When he texts you, don't answer him right away, but usually do answer in the same day. This paces the texting conversation. Occasionally do wait a day. If you pace him with your texting, you are in control. It prolongs the meeting, which is what you want to do. The longer he waits, the more excited he is going to be.

He may be telling his friends after a few days. "This girl texts me, and she seems interested, but I just don't know". If you can get him thinking like this, you got the sexual tension building. His imagination starts to do your work for you. A man's imagination is where the sexual tension is built.

Sexual tension is not really built with words, it's more about techniques, which you can learn more of here.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Should I Text Him First

Should you text a guy first? Most of you that follow my blogs or articles know I am not an advocate of this, but nothing ventured nothing gained. Maybe he is shy, maybe he doesn't know if you are interested. If you are thinking this way and you feel you must text him, go ahead, but follow these guidelines below.

Text him once. Be witty and light. Be fun. Don't send a lame good morning or how is your day. If you can't be creative, step away from the phone. You don't want to come across as dull or boring. You want to grab his attention.

Second don't engage in a texting marathon. If he replies and appears to be happy to hear from you, a couple texts back and forth is enough. He now knows you are interested, stop while you are ahead. When texting guys, less is more. If you can leave him with a positive feeling, and don't go into overkill, chances are he may want to talk with you again.

If the guy doesn't text you back, don't text him again. You just showed him your interest, anything more will come across as desperate.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine had a guy give her his number. He put it in her phone. He did not get her number. Now we all say this means he isn't interested, but that is not always the case. She had to text him first. There was no other way to see if he was or was not interested. She alluded to something they talked about and hit the send button. He texted her back immediately.

She did not engage him in marathon texting. She remained mysterious and she kept him guessing. She ended the conversation quickly. Next day he started texting her. Fast forward a week and they had their first date.

There are times when texting first in appropriate. As long as you don't become a pest and chase him, it's all good when texting a guy first. Be sensible about it and play it cool.

Some guys need a little encouragement. Text him first by tossing him the ball and see if he serves it back, but never serve it twice if he isn't returning.
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