Monday, October 25, 2010

He Text All The Time but Won't Ask Me Out

You may wonder what texting techniques have to do with this. A lot actually once you understand what builds attraction in a guy. If your guy is texting everyday but not asking you out, chances are his attraction level is not high enough. He sees you maybe as an option or someone to keep on the back burner.

Guys like a challenge, this is a fact. It's also human nature to want what we can't have. This does play into the texting. If he is texting and not making an effort to spend time with you, he very well may not see you as a challenge. If you are responding promptly to his texts, engaging in conversations every time he initiates a text or worse you initiate first, you are pretty much letting him know he already has you. No work there.

If your guy is texting and not calling or wanting to see you, it's time to turn this around. Stop answering right away. I am not saying be rude and ignore him, just wait a few hours before you reply. If he texts you something that really doesn't warrant a reply, then don't reply. You are a busy girl with a busy life and you really don't have time to chat with someone who can't seem to make you a priority.

Guys actually see a girl who is readily available as a girl acting like a girlfriend. When you start acting like a girlfriend to fast, they put the breaks on. Texting keeps you there for when they want you, but also keeps you at arm's length and keeps him safely out of a relationship. This is a huge reason why guys keep in contact texting and don't step up to see you.

If you aren't so available, it you aren't so eager to engage in his texting game, he will see you as more valuable. This is what builds attraction in a guy. Mystery is hard for a guy to resist. Your texting techniques can actually convey mystery and build attraction to higher level causing him to want to see you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

What Guys Really Think Of Girls That Text Them All The Time

I know and work with a lot of guys/men. I have been out with some and their phone beeps constantly. Always some girl texting him. Often they stop replying. They roll their eyes when they see the who the text is from. I inquire and he says with no emotion at all "Just some girl who texts me all the time". It's obvious that this girl who is texting him is killing her chances. If you are texting him everyday, stop and read further.

If a guy isn't initiating a texting conversation with you, it's not a good idea to text him first. It tells him you are willing to invest in him without him having to invest or put any effort forth at all. It tells him you are more than available and it also scares him to death. You are acting like a girlfriend long before he is ready. Sure he may answer you. He answers because he wants to keep you there as an option. If he is not texting you first or initiating, you certainly aren't a priority.

I guess I am very tired of the women who complain that they text him and he doesn't reply all the time or takes hours or days to respond. They wonder why. It's not a big mystery really. Guys value what they work hardest for. If you are texting him he is not working for you at all. You are doing his job for him. Who wouldn't let you do the job for them in reality if you are willing? All fine and well except for one thing. You will never build his level of attraction if you are doing his job for him.

The girl that makes his eyes light up when she texts is the girl that rarely texts him. It is like a special treat when this girl finds time to text him. It's like a great steak. If you eat it every day, it's just no so special anymore, but if you only get it occasionally, you appreciate it so much more.

Don't be the girl that he rolls his eyes at when she texts. Learn the techniques to texting that build his attraction over and over.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why Won't He Call or Text Me?

You met a guy, maybe even spent time with him, yet he just won't call or text. Why do guys get your number if they aren't going to use it? There could be many reasons.

He really could be busy. Guys don't have the same time clock we do. Days to them seem like weeks to us. He may have every intention of calling or texting but next thing you know weeks have went by. He then thinks too much time has passed and he would feel stupid to call you now so he moves on. This is one of the main reasons why he won't call. Laziness.

He could also just be a player. Getting a phone number or a date could just be a way to stroke his ego. There are guys out there like this. If he won't call you, chances are with this guy getting the number was part of the game. He just wanted to see if he could. He likes knowing there is a woman out there waiting for his contact. It is an ego boost.

Some guys are looking for a fling or just sex. If he finds out you are not that kind of girl, this could be one reason he doesn't call. This guy has countless numbers in his phone. You are better off if he doesn't call or text.

We so often wonder why won't he call me. It's really nothing in particular that you did or didn't do. I do believe however, that if a guy wants to get to know you and is truly interested, he will call. Guys like a challenge that is for sure. If you have been calling him instead of him calling you, this is a huge reason he's not calling you. He doesn't have too. You are doing his work for him.

A guy who is attracted to you will make time in his busy life, will overcome his game playing ways or rise above his immaturity and pick up that phone. He won't not call. The trick though is you have to become that "girl" that he can't resist.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Rules For Calling Men You Must Know to Keep Your Relationship Alive

Do you initiate the calls and texting? If you haven't heard from him do you ring him first? Do you ever engage in all day texting with him? There are rules for calling guys, these rules also carry over to texting guys as well

If you do or have done any of these things above, chances are you are too available and trust me, he will sense it. He will know you are making him a priority and he will not find you a challenge. Men love a challenge. That which comes easy is not appreciated or treasured. One of the rules for calling men is to let him do the initiating, let me explain why this is critical.

Think of his car. If he has an old beat up jalopy that he got for just a few hundred, he really puts no value in it. On the other hand if he has a really nice shiny sports car that he had to work long hard hours to afford, he sees it completely different. He washes it every weekend, parks it where no one can scratch or dent it. Most of all he sees it as very valuable. He doesn't want anyone else driving it. Same goes for the rules for calling men. If you are calling him, you will never be the pretty shiny car that he takes great care of.

This should be your mindset when handling phone calls or texts from your guy. If you make it too easy for him, you eventually become that jalopy. I am not saying ignore his calls, but a girl with self value does not revolve her life around a man nor depend on his contact for validation. A woman that values herself, will inspire a man to value her as well.

Go on with you life like he isn't your main focus. If you are busy, call him back when you can. If you haven't heard from him, don't call him, don't text him, don't email him, sit tight. Don't become glued to your phone. He will notice you are not calling and it increases your degree of value in his eyes. It gives him something to work for because if you aren't calling or texting, well he sees you as not quite available yet. This causes him to work harder.

How you handle calls and texts from the men in your life is critical in building the attraction in a relationship. Knowledge of how to handle the phone, your biggest tool in the dating pool is critical.