Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sexting Tips for Women

Below is a video I recorded for sexting tips and texting tips. Enjoy. I am currently working on a real guide with real examples and real conversations. Another great texting guide is here. Text Appeal.

Sexting Tips For Women

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sexting Tips - The Backstory

Sexting, the act of flirting with text messages is fast becoming the most popular dating tool. If you doubt this, let's trace how it has evolved. We are moving fast into a world where instant gratification seems to rule due to the rapid advancement of technology.

Two years ago if you were to search the term sexting in Google, you may find it is largely something common among teenagers and was viewed as child pornography. It didn't really surface until 2005. There really wasn't much out there on it until rather recently. 6 months ago, a search of it would not bring up Wikipedia. If you search this term now, Wikipedia comes up in the first spot in Google, definition in tact. Still on the first page now, further down, maybe ranked 5 or 6, you will find it used as a means of flirting with the opposite sex.

Have you seen the new AT&T commercial? The two guys on the ski lift? One guy is texting the other guy's ex girlfriend. The responses are fast and he is securing a date from his cell phone right on the ski lift via text message. The other guy grabs the phone and throws it into oblivion. Even the media is catching onto this trend and using it to promote the new high tech phones.

About 18 months ago, if you wanted to know how to flirt with text messages or sexting as it is now called, you would find little information online. Google texting tips or sexting tips now and see what your options are. Pages and pages. There are guides out there now to teach you how to do this. Some are better than others

Interesting thing about this is that most of it is geared towards men, like 80%. There are forums and sites out there teaching what a lot of guys now know as the texting and online game. They are teaching these guys how to use texting to it's full potential to attract, date and sleep with women. The thing is it works.

The fact is that texting really is an effective tool to attract the opposite sex, build sexual tension and escalate your love life in general. The guys have a jump start it appears as most of the information online is geared towards men.. It started with a guy named Tyler Trey who wrote one of the first texting guides for guys. I don't know about the rest of you girls, but I swear I have dated some of these trained sexters. There have been a few that could keep me intrigued with what was coming across next. Then there are the guys you wish would get these guides because they are so dull.

If you are going to be out there dating, it's in your best interest to learn these sexting tips and techniques. Flirting with text messages can and will enhance your success, not to mention it can be a lot of fun. A year from now, if you Google sexting, I promise it will be about flirting with text messaging and not teen porn.

Sexting works to build up some intense attraction. If you aren't doing it, you are missing the boat. I have been hooked by a skilled texter and I have hooked by being skilled a skilled texter. These skills carry over also if you are dating online. You can increase your magnetism by flirting with text messages.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sexting Tips for Girls

There is texting with a guy and there is sexting with a guy. Guys love it when we talk dirty to them, face it. There is a right way and a wrong way though. Granted a guy would love it if you would just come right out and say things, you know you want to suck this or that sort of thing, but that doesn't really engage his imagination as much.

The best sexting tip I can give you is this. Engage his imagination, build up to it before you start talking dirty. Men are visual creatures, make them visualize with your text messages. This is how you ease into sexting.

Examples are things like when he texts and asks what's up, there are many replies you can come up with to create images in his mind. "I just got out of a hot bubble bath", "I am lathering up with sunscreen about to head to the pool". "Trying to get my jeans unzipped, the zipper is stuck". You get my point. Get them to visualize you bending over, laying down, or the top one is on your knees.

Once you get the conversation rolling, it's up to you how dirty you want to talk to him or if you just want to keep the sexting to a flirty level and keep the anticipation. After a few exchange of messages, it you are doing a good job, he is probably going to send you amessage something like "You are killing me", "You are driving me crazy" sort of thing. If you manage this, you can bet he is thinking about you now.

Sexting tips, texting tips and learning to talk dirty to your guy can bring a stale relationship back to life, it can ignite a new relationship and most of all, it's just downright fun.