Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How To Be Mysterious Texting Guys

It's human nature to love a mystery.  It's the unknown that we often find attracts us to another.  Think about it really.  How much time do you spend analyzing a man?  You do this because of what you don't know, all the while creating a bit of fantasy in your head.  Men are the same way, trust me.  It's what they don't know that keeps them coming back for more.  You can use this to your advantage by creating mystery when texting guys.

So when learning how to be mysterious texing a guy, remember this golden rule.  Less is more.  It's the girl that engages in a text marathon that quickly loses his attention.  She is too available, to much of an open book and this offers him no challenge, not to mention there is nothing mysterious about texting a guy constantly.  If you really like him, this will be harder for you.  You want to talk, connect and chat.  Just remember, you have time.  Don't rush it.  Long term satisfaction over instant gratification.

The little smiley emoticon is one little trick I use to be mysterious when texing a guy.  When he texts a compliment or something that makes me smile, instead of engaging in too much conversation, I just send a smiley face.  This tells him he made me smile and gives him reinforcement.  It also leaves him wondering.  It's just enough to make him try again.  His goal is to get more from you.  It's mysterious to him because most girls just babble on and on.  You don't, why are you different is what he starts to think.

Have you ever noticed that the guys that you don't really like as much seem to be impossible to get rid of while the ones you do disappear more often?  This really isn't a coincidence.  Chances are you are giving more to the guy you like and less to the guy you don't.  You become a challenge to the guy you don't, he is intrigued as you seem elusive and mysterious.  The guy you do like, you are jumping every time your phone goes off and answering him immediately because you are so exited.  Challenge and mystery gone.  So it only makes sense if you want to text a guy and be myserious, text with him like you would a guy who you don't fancy so much.

This takes self control yes.  Once you practice these techniques though and begin to see results, it reinforces that it does work.  It begins to become second nature.  You are in essence training yourself with your own reward system.  Wait to text him, don't be so eagar, be cool, hold back some, and watch him move forward to find out more about you. It feels good. Texting guys is a great way to escalate attraction, use it wisely.

Be friendly and receptive, but don't give too much too soon away in your texts.  We often try to control the outcome.  We share too much when texing a guy way too fast.  A slow simmer tastes better than a rapid boil.  Less is more when texting guys and building that air of mystery.


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