Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secrets for Texting a Guy You Just Met

In order to stand out from the other girls you gotta be different. In order to do this, you need to know what it is they are doing. I will list a few below.

1. They text the guy first

2. They engage in all day texting marathons

3. They exaggerate too many letters or use too much punctuation. Such as adding a dozen O's on the end of hello followed by 8 exclamation points.

4. If the guy doesn't reply to texts, they text again.

5. They are boring

The above are just a few things that most girls do. The main thing here is you don't want to come across as too available or as if you are glued to your phone. If you always reply right away, are always available and have time to engage in those all day marathons, he won't see you as very valuable. He is not having to work to get your attention. This is not good and it a sure way to kill the attraction of a guy you just met.

When texting a guy you just met, always let him send the first text. Reply, but don't jump and do it instantly, let him wait. You are a busy girl right? You aren't just sitting around waiting on him to call or text. Meet him with wit and humor but some healthy resistance. If you can end the conversation first, all the better. It doesn't feel as good to be the last one to send the text and he not reply.

Never when texting a guy you just met do you want to lay any of your cards on the table. You don't want to shower him with compliments or let on that you are into him yet. So often girls screw up right here with texting. They start laying it on thick, investing in the guy way before he has shown he is willing to return that investment. You might as well text him "Pick me, Pick me, please". Let him lead, you follow his pace with a little holding back.

Guys like mystery. They value the things they have to work for. When texting a guy you just met, if you want to get and keep his attention, be elusive, mysterious and flirty. Stand out from the other girls.

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