Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texting Tips to Spice It Up

Want to add some spice to your relationship?  Texting may just be you answer.  Sound strange?  Not really.  Men are visual.  You can use text messages to stimulate his imagination and he will get the visual effects.  It will get you on his mind and have him thinking about you all day long if you sext him or text him right.

One little sentence can do wonders.  I had a group of women text this one sentence this week.  I can't stop thinking about you.  The results were amazing.  This is really effective done in the middle or late afternoon when you know you are going to see him that night.  If it's out of your character, even more effective.  It gets him so curious.  You job is to roll with his lead from there, be creative, playful and fun.  Get his motor going.

I texted my guy this last week.  "I have had a long hard day and could really use a stiff one"  Now this could mean a drink as we all know.  Do you think he visualized a drink though?  Really?  Oh he came and got me and took me for a drink, but he was so distracted it was just funny.  He kept rubbing my legs, and was really in tune, I must say.

Another good technique is to use the I know something you don't technique. I have a secret.  This can be done countless ways.  An example.  Oh if you only knew what I was thinking.  Then you play with him a little.  Give him some hints.  Play around.  This is also known as sexting.

Men are really easy to spice up.  Just text something with a double meaning playfully to let him know you are open to his come back.  You want to inspire him and his fantasies with your sext messages.  You want to stimulate his imagination so that he will get those visual pictures in his head.  Men are visual and that is a fact.

I have seen women literally turn the heat and romance on full force in men that they felt were taking them for granted with a few text messages.  It's powerful stuff.  It's also great fun.  If you want to spice it up there are tons of texting and sexting tips here.  Text the Romance. This guy has been on Rachael Raye and has had women in the audience testing his techniques live.  Amazing results. 

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